The unit is located on a total land area of over 3000 sq. meters with a total built-up area over 15000 sq. feet. The factory has electrical connection of 200 KVA from the state electricity board. As a standby arrangement, Diesel Generating set is also installed to meet the eventuality of power breakdowns. Abundant water supply is also available from local authorities. Besides, the factory is also equipped with fully owned bore-well to meet the water requirements.

The company’s fixed assets and stocks are adequately insured with the Government Insurance Agency. The bankers, Bank of Baroda have sanctioned adequate working capital facilities and are highly satisfied with the technicalities and operations of the company and its entire group. The technical process and the capacity for its products have been assessed and approved by the industries commissionerate, an apex body responsible for state’s industrial sector.

The company is capable of handling Sodium Cyanide, Ethyl Alcohol conversions and the management is fully equipped with technical expertise in total along with the safety measures. The company has been carrying out various conversion jobs exclusively for various reputed bulk drug manufacturers on exclusive basis and has been meeting their demands satisfactorily.

The Company is poised to expand and cater to industries on tie up for toll manufacturing on long-term contracts. The company also on the look out for technology transfers for exclusive production arrangement for domestic and international companies for carrying out any cyanation and other processes.

The company and its operational area have been provided with all requisite safety equipments at strategic points and the personnel have been trained for fighting the eventualities in-house. The operational area is with flame proof electrification and each operational floor is provided with fire hydrants and fire fighter equipments. Besides, the company has assistance from the neighboring industries and Estate’s Emergency Control Cell’s safety equipments such as fire fighters, trained personnel, Ambulance, etc.